Friday 17 March 2023

Know Your Mobile - KYM

Can anyone imagine life without mobile today? The answer is a big No. Rich or Poor, Literate or illiterate, Employee or Businessman, Young or Old, Males or Females, Teacher or Student, Doctor or Patient,  Police or Criminals, Exporter or Importer, Friend or Enemy - everybody needs a Mobile according to his or her personal needs except the GOD and the DEVOTEE who connect to each other spiritually.

If you already possess a mobile or if you are planning to purchase or sell or exchange your mobile then You need to Know Your Mobile before going on air after inserting or activating SIM issued in your name by the Mobile Service Provider. Follow the tips below :
  1. Never purchase a new mobile from the grey market and purchase it only from Company's authorized Show Room.
  2. Insist for Bill or Cash memo along with details of the mobile like Brand, Model Number, and IMEI or MEID Number highlighted in Yellow in 15 or 17 digits and 1st 15 digits are IMEI Number.
  3. Insist for a sealed packet and ensure that mobile set is packed in the Box with tamper proof seal of the Company like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Micromax etc. Open the Box in your own presence and check for IMEI or MEID Number printed in the mobile set near or below the battery. 
  4. Register the product online with the company by making your real profile with the Company's genuine site.
  5. Insert your own SIM and know the IMEI Number through unique command *#06#. Tally it with the Bill, IMEI Number printed on set beneath the battery area or near the battery area.
  6. When you activate your SIM your IMEI numbers gets registered with the National Registers and if your mobile set is stolen and reused with another SIM, the mobile set can be tracked by the police authorities.
  7. Never sell your old mobile as there is no Legal Procedure to change the ownership as in case of vehicles through a legalized process. It is better to destroy the mobile set and disposed of as per recycling policy of the country.
  8. Never purchase Mobile Set from unknown persons even if it available at throwaway prices. If you are purchasing from a trusted friend then insist on the bill of the mobile.
  9. There are tips and tricks to know important information about the Mobile Sets. To quote you can try for Nokia Sets just type *#0000# and you will get Model Number, Version, Date of software release and phone type.
  10. Sometimes the mobile users receive unsolicited marketing calls which can be deactivated here.
I am updating this article after a period of 5 years as this article was first published by me in July 2013. Today I got a message on my Mobile Phone from the Department of Telecommunications reading as under:

"You can now check manufacturer, model, etc of a mobile handset/device from its IMEI number by sending SMS "KYM <15 digit IMEI number>" to 14422. The KYM (Know your mobile) app is also available for download in the Google Play store and Apple store. From: Department of Telecommunications"

I checked for the KYM Application and Downloaded to check its authenticity and usability. It was working fine and is developed by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. 

KYM is an IMEI Verification Application. With this app, you can verify any IMEI number and can get all information related of that device as registered in Global GSMA database. You can also check for the blacklisted numbers and can also get information about your phone even if you don't know your own IMEI number. You can also scan the Bar Code printed on  Mobile Cover Box to get IMEI of your device. Information provided by this APP for an IMEI number includes Bands Supported, Manufacturer of the device, Brand Name and Model Name of your device. 

Updated Posted on March 20,2023: Now in case you have Lost your Mobile or Found your Lost Mobile then visit  CEIR to Block or Unblock your IMEI/Mobile.

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