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After all you have landed at the right platform to have first hand information on How to know e-Identity or Physical Identity of any Individual, Organization, Body Corporate, Trust with Individual Identity or Legal Identity. In daily life we have deal with so many Individual and Legal entities and we must know all about the Identity rather eIdentity before dealing. In today’s modern life it will save your from getting cheated either in person or online. I quote similar example while dealing in exporting and importing goods to unknown buyers and unknown sellers. The basic principle of export and import of Goods, Merchandise is that “Deal in documents like Bill of Lading, GR, Wire house and Trust Receipts and not in Goods”. If you are perfect in documentation to satisfy the terms and conditions of contract then your payment is protected under Uniform Code and Practice of Documentary Credits” and the agencies like Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India protect and guarantee against non payment of export payments or import obligations of importer. Similarly while entering into any contract everybody wants to know if the law protects them or in case of breach of contract how the person entering into contract can safeguard against any possible loss or risk of any kind though nothing in this materialistic world can be termed as Zero Risk but we can ensure Zero tolerance while establishing the eIdentity or physical identity of the entity with whom we are to deal with. This blog, which is likely to be dedicated as a full fledged social website for the exclusive welfare of the society at larges, is being launched in the same fashion as we started a blog under the name and style http://webquestionanswers.blogspot.com in June 2012 and the same has now been dedicated to the public as Web Question Answers Site where members will be able to take part in forum discussions, ask questions and provide answers in respect of hot and burning topics.

While talking about eIdentity or Physical Identity now we have to keep in mind the following aspects:
  1. Whether the parties entering into any contract or relationship are competent to enter into a valid contract or relationship.
  2. Any contract with Minor is invalid abinitio according to the law of the land as dealing with Minors is not a Minor Issue.
  3. Any contract with insane, insolvent or otherwise incompetent in the eyes of law including any contract for any illegal purpose or criminal activities is also null and void abinitio.
Not going into other legal aspects, we shall be concentrating on physical personating and/or establishing eIdentity of the parties to the contract as after the 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center, the national Governments all over the world felt the need for KYC – Know Your Customer guidelines in Banks and financial institutions so as to keep vigilance over the funding of terrorist activities. Our blog or website is based on the them Know Your Customer or KYC guidelines where Banks are supposed to establish the physical as well as documentary eIdentity of their customers. Based on the theme we have titled our blog as How to Know eIdentity with sub domain name eknowidentity at top level domain blogspot.com till we redirect it to our own top level domain. We are starting our exclusive Know Your ……….series through this blog and we will go on adding new ideas and concepts in the list below (every listed item will be linked to a new article on the subject)  for the benefit of public at larges, Organizations, Corporate bodies, Government Undertakings:

  • Know Your Customer - KYC
  • Know Your Self - KYF
  • Know Your Bank        -  KYB
  • Know Your Insurance  - KYI
  • Know Your Product  - KYP
  • Know Your Seller     -  KYS
  • Know Your Purchaser - KYP
  • Know Your Service Provider - KYS
  • Know Your Mobile  - KYM          
  • Know Your Laptop or Computer - KYL
  • Know Your Hospital - KYH
  • Know Your Doctor   -  KYD
  • Know Your Patient - KYP
  • Know Your Medicine -KYM
  • Know Your Neighbor- KYN
  • Know Your Religion  - KYR
  • Know Your Family Tree - KYFT
  • Know Your Friends - KYF
  • Know Your Vehicle - KYV
  • Know Your Driver  -  KYD
  • Know Your Police  -   KYP
  • Know Your Leader  - KYL
  • Know Your Country -KYC
  • Know Your Teacher - KYT
  • Know Your School   - KYS
  • Know Your Ailment - KYA
  • Know Your Relationship - KYR
  • Know Your Rights  - KYR
  • Know Your Responsibilities - KYR
  • Know Your Law of Land - KYL
  • Know Your Agent  - KYA
  • Know Your Employee - KYE
  • Know Your Employer  - KYE
  • Know Your Exporter   - KYE
  • Know Your Importer  -  KYI
  • Know Your Title to Property - KYT
  • Know Your SDM – Local Administrator - KYS
While some items of Know Your ... series are concerned with eIdentity or Physical Identity of the individual or individuals, some of the Know Your…..series concepts are to increase the knowledge base of the readers and is related to Information Technology as in the near future the best informed or the individuals with requisite information will stay ahead of others. Keep checking for the links to the above Know Your Series by WQAINDIA..

Authored By:  Ashok Goyal

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